Geeking Out with Electronic Medical Records

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Goodness! These days fly by! Can’t believe 3 weeks have passed since I last posted something here. I want to tell you all about my awesome Electronic Medical Records. I know, don’t get too excited…but seriously, I am using Private Practice EMR because it is specifically designed for Licensed Midwives and it has made even me feel and look tech-savy, which as my husband can attest, is a huge accomplishment. At first, I was really intimidated by the whole electronic change but it does make things easier and more efficient. However, the best feature of Private Practice is the ability for my clients to log into their account and look up any and all lab results, ultrasound reports, progress notes or messages I have posted for them. Having access to these records really gives a sense of control back to the client and their partner which is what we midwives are all about! Here is a picture of me, geeking out on a Friday night with my new Fugitsu Scan Snap! I’m scanning documents into Private Practice for my clients. I was getting so excited about it all, I just had to tell someone.

Scan Snap meets Private Practice EMR

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