Water Birth, Not Just a Mermaid Fantasy

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Last week, Good Morning America, did a short story on water birth. I, along with many midwives and water birth advocates, was excited to see water birth discussed on national television. I set my alarm and woke up an hour early that morning just to drive over to my parents house (since I don’t have cable) and watch the story live before my day at clinic. The story finally came on and as I sat inches from the TV, ready to soak in the glory of water birth finally getting the recognition it deserves, this is what I saw…http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/water-births-safe-23001996

“Water births are becoming more popular due to the celebrity moms having their babies under water.”

“ACOG and AAP are cautioning women that water birth MAY increase chances of infection, umbilical cord damage, breathing problems, and seizures.”

“Grab your scuba tank ladies.”

“There are definitely risks to mother and baby delivering under water. We have LIMITED data. And in my opinion, until we grow gills, like a fish, I think that baby should come out breathing air on dry land.”

“They (mothers) must have a mermaid fantasy.”

So in light of Good Morning America’s inadequate and poor coverage on water birth, I felt the need to post some links to articles and videos that paint a different picture.




I always get the question, “What do you think about water birth?” And my response is somewhere along the lines of, “It’s awesome.” Most of my clients labor in the tub and there is a clear change in their ability to cope and relax once emerged in the water. ┬áMore than half of my clients have water births and many were not planning for a water birth, it just happened. They simply did not want to get out of the tub. And of those women who have water births, a large majority wouldn’t have it any other way. That has got to mean something. We have got to wake up and start listening to these women, I think they are on to something