“This is Everlee with our favorite midwife Alli Watkins at our last appointment. She has been absolutely wonderful with every step of the way. She was with us through our miscarriage and then went above and beyond caring for me and Everlee. We love her so much! Thank you Alli for your compassionate care!”



“Alli can predict the future! A day before I went into labor I visited for my weekly check up. I had predicted my daughter would be born under the coming blue moon (and I was right) but Alli took one look at me and said, “You have the look. I feel it. She’s coming soon!” A night later, Alli caught my baby under that blue moon in a water labor and birth I couldn’t have dreamed to be better. Her sweetness and care are unparalleled and her acumen as a midwife sharp, astute and thorough. Alli has become part of my family now, we are forever indebted to her for bringing my daughter earth side as she did.”



“Alli was kind, fun and competent throughout my pregnancy and delivery, but when I had post partum problems her gentle, attentive care transformed the room I was in to a sanctuary of rest, a safe haven. And during the first weeks of motherhood I often wished I could go back!”



“With all the unknowns and apprehension going into a birth experience, Alli’s knowledge and calming presence made my husband and I feel safe, comfortable and secure. Alli’s steady, caring and gentle nature kept me focused throughout the birthing process, and I know the whole experience was made even more memorable because of her. If anyone is considering using a midwife, I would not hesitate to recommend choosing Alli, she is so wonderful!”