Welcome to the World, Fiona Hope!

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Hello! It’s been awhile….

On Thursday, August 3rd at 11:41pm, my little girl came earthside! She was born at home, after a very quick labor, weighing 8#11oz and 21 inches long. Healthy as can be! My husband, Corbin, was even able to help catch. Her name is Fiona Hope Arlette Watkins and she has the sweetest, grounded demeanor. I was humbled, yet again, by how intense and BIG the process of childbirth is…I remember people asking me, after I had my son in 2015, if I thought I was a better midwife for having experienced childbirth. I still think, especially after having gone through it twice now, that I am even more humbled and in awe of the process. It is so intricate, individualized, sacred…it made me realize, all over again, how fortunate I am to be in this line of work. Though it can be excruciatingly hard, stressful, exhausting on all levels- it is also profoundly rewarding and important work that I feel you can only be called to. After having Fiona, I discovered a new love, a fresh respect for being a midwife and I am excited to continue following my calling and serving families of Whatcom and Skagit county. Fill out the intake form if you have more questions about out of hospital birth and midwifery care! Much love, Alli

Photo credit: Felicia Marie https://www.feliciamarie.us/info/
Photo credit: Felicia Marie https://www.feliciamarie.us/info/

Photo credit: Felicia Marie https://www.feliciamarie.us/info/

Why Not Home?

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This coming Wednesday, June 8th at 630pm this amazing documentary will be shown at The Pickford Film Center! PLEASE tell your friends and family about it! It could open their eyes to alternative birthing options!

Here is the link to the trailer:http://www.whynothome.com/watch-trailer/

And a very informative packet of information regarding the documentary and most recent research findings:


Buy your tickets in advance here: http://www.pickfordfilmcenter.org/programs/pickford/why-not-home/

I really HOPE to see you there!!


Essentials for the Postpartum Haze

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Since having my own baby, I have discovered a few products that I LOVE…because they work. I am a very practical person and cannot stand products that don’t hold up to their promises. As I write this, I am rocking my baby boy to sleep with one foot and once he is asleep, I’ll be running around the house trying to get 20 things done at once. Until then, I thought I would list off some products I have found to be, “essential” for this postpartum fog I am currently living in.

1) Zutano Booties. They stay on their feet and keep them warm!  http://www.zutano.com/shop/category/newborn-and-baby-booties/

2) Medela Soothies Nipple Gels. For your sore nipples! http://amzn.to/1CmtRSG

3) Earth Mama Angle Baby nipple butter. This, with the combination of the Soothies Nipple Gels- saved me!  http://earthmamaangelbaby.com/products/natural-nipple-butter

4) Glamourmom Nursing Tank. I didn’t realize I would be LIVING in my nursing tanks. This one is supportive, long in length and helps hold in my squishy belly. https://www.glamourmom.com/store/shopexd.asp?id=46

5) Swaddle Me blankets. Our baby boy loves his straight jacket, I mean, swaddle blanket. http://www.summerinfant.com/swadding/swaddleme

6) Aden and Anis blankets! Need I say more? http://www.adenandanais.com/en-us/content/swaddles.aspx

7) Moby Wrap. Our boy loves being wrapped in this and don’t worry, it’s not as hard to use as you think! Just watch their video on the website. http://mobywrap.com/

8) Lactation Cookies. Not really a product but still something I consider essential. It was impossible to find a small container of Brewer’s Yeast at a local grocery store, so I had to purchase a huge tub of it but I hope to make several batches down the road for friends, clients, etc. I made a large batch and froze them, they made for a really good snack in those first few weeks postpartum. Here is the link to the recipe (Major Milk Makin’ Cookies) I used. http://www.drmomma.org/2010/08/lactation-cookies-recipe-increasing.html

Ok, at this point, I think that’s all I have for you and my boy is finally asleep! Onto laundry, dishes and maybe a shower if I’m lucky.




Prenatal Yoga

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If you are looking for a useful and affordable prenatal yoga book, I highly recommend this one:


One of the authors, Leslie Lekos was my prenatal yoga instructor and she was fabulous. She teaches at Yoga Northwest, right here in Fairhaven!


I have used the poses and breathing techniques Leslie taught me to help my moms prepare for and navigate labor. I just ordered the book for myself, in preparation for my home birth in February!

Weekly Walk and Talk for Moms and Moms to Be!

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I apologize for the long hiatus from here! I’m happy to say I have been very busy catching babies and growing a baby of my own. BUT no excuses!

I wanted to let you know about a pretty neat thing that myself and local Nurse Midwife, Becky Schayes are starting. The detail are below. Please come out and join us! We hope this will become a consistent, positive way to build some community in Bellingham.


Water Birth, Not Just a Mermaid Fantasy

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Last week, Good Morning America, did a short story on water birth. I, along with many midwives and water birth advocates, was excited to see water birth discussed on national television. I set my alarm and woke up an hour early that morning just to drive over to my parents house (since I don’t have cable) and watch the story live before my day at clinic. The story finally came on and as I sat inches from the TV, ready to soak in the glory of water birth finally getting the recognition it deserves, this is what I saw…http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/water-births-safe-23001996

“Water births are becoming more popular due to the celebrity moms having their babies under water.”

“ACOG and AAP are cautioning women that water birth MAY increase chances of infection, umbilical cord damage, breathing problems, and seizures.”

“Grab your scuba tank ladies.”

“There are definitely risks to mother and baby delivering under water. We have LIMITED data. And in my opinion, until we grow gills, like a fish, I think that baby should come out breathing air on dry land.”

“They (mothers) must have a mermaid fantasy.”

So in light of Good Morning America’s inadequate and poor coverage on water birth, I felt the need to post some links to articles and videos that paint a different picture.




I always get the question, “What do you think about water birth?” And my response is somewhere along the lines of, “It’s awesome.” Most of my clients labor in the tub and there is a clear change in their ability to cope and relax once emerged in the water.  More than half of my clients have water births and many were not planning for a water birth, it just happened. They simply did not want to get out of the tub. And of those women who have water births, a large majority wouldn’t have it any other way. That has got to mean something. We have got to wake up and start listening to these women, I think they are on to something

Much Gratitude.

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I have been feeling extremely grateful lately! Haven Midwifery is growing steadily in clients, payments are coming in and I continue to receive encouragement and support from so many people. The couples coming into Haven Midwifery care have been blowing me away with their good humor and patience while I work out the kinks of starting a practice. I really feel like I have the coolest clients around. Last week I received my first payments from insurance companies since I started seeing clients in May-yippee! It’s really happening! I’m getting paid to do what I love. Overall, things are going well here at Haven, let the gratitude overrunneth!

A sweet mom and baby whale necklace from my sister. My family and friends have been A-MAZING.

A sweet mom and baby whale necklace from my sister. My family and friends have been A-MAZING.

Geeking Out with Electronic Medical Records

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Goodness! These days fly by! Can’t believe 3 weeks have passed since I last posted something here. I want to tell you all about my awesome Electronic Medical Records. I know, don’t get too excited…but seriously, I am using Private Practice EMR because it is specifically designed for Licensed Midwives and it has made even me feel and look tech-savy, which as my husband can attest, is a huge accomplishment. At first, I was really intimidated by the whole electronic change but it does make things easier and more efficient. However, the best feature of Private Practice is the ability for my clients to log into their account and look up any and all lab results, ultrasound reports, progress notes or messages I have posted for them. Having access to these records really gives a sense of control back to the client and their partner which is what we midwives are all about! Here is a picture of me, geeking out on a Friday night with my new Fugitsu Scan Snap! I’m scanning documents into Private Practice for my clients. I was getting so excited about it all, I just had to tell someone.

Scan Snap meets Private Practice EMR

Insurance Update

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I got some exciting news today! As of June 25th, I am officially contracted with Premera Blue Cross and Lifewise Health Plan of Washington. Yay! I am also contracted with Cigna, Regence, First Choice Health and Washington State Insurance. And I am in the process of getting contracted with United Health. All this to say, the more insurances I contract with, the more women I can serve!

My "welcome letter" from Premera and Lifewise.

My “welcome letter” from Premera and Lifewise.